Electronic Dog Repeller

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Electronic Dog Repeller

Electronic Dog Repeller

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Quick Overview

Using the latest ultrasounic technology, the SUPER DOGCHASER can help to provide you humane protection from dog attacks.

Product Description

How can the Dog Chaser help give me protection from dogs?

I have been asked if this device would cause a dog to charge and the answer is no. This protection device makes a dog want to head as far away from the "noise" and light emitted from the Dog Chaser as fast as possible. 
Whenever a dog comes at you in an unwanted fashion (up to 40 feet away!), simply point the dog chaser at the dog and press the repel mode button (center button). 
The Super Dog Chaser is perfect for if you live in an area with many loose dogs that bother you and/or your dog while you walk. This won't hurt your dog as the sound and light effects project forward, remember your arm is extended and you should have your dog back behind you. This is a great way to get protection from dogs
Another benefit of the device is it also has a very positive effect in that you will feel empowered and no longer afraid of the dog. Dogs can sense your confidence so you gain the dominant position and the power over the dog!  
If you are looking for protection from dogs this super dog chaser will do the trick!

Effective up to 40 feet!
Requires only (1) standard 9v battery (not included)
High frequency sound (20,000Hz - 25,000Hz) 135dB approx.
Sound is audible to dogs, cats (canine breeds like coyote and wolf) but not humans
Super bright LED flashing strobe that temporarily blinds and confuses the dog
Can be used as a Flashlight

How does the  Dog Chaser work to give me protection from dogs?
A dogs hearing is much more acute than a humans so sounds effect them more. The Electronic Dog Chaser emits a 130db ultrasonic pulse that cannot be heard by humans but can very much be heard by dogs. The pulse doesn't hurt the dog but it will scare them.

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